Monday, September 15, 2014

P / S

Windy Poses 

Top- GoodWill / Pants- Forever21 / Shoes- Converse / Flannel- Forever21 / Sunglasses- Target

I will always enjoy windy days, and since Fall is coming around, it makes me stocked. Posing in windy days/nights is always a good time, and good photos. 

Love and Live / Posi Vibes For Life / Peace and Nature
Hope you all have a wonderful day and night, happy Monday!
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Journal Entry


Journal Entry: September 11, 2014 
Thursday / 11:33PM

Having Someone 
What I enjoy and love about having someone goes deeper than having someone to 'complete' or love. What I've always enjoyed about having someone is; getting to wake up with the thought of them. Sending the first text of the day to them. Getting to hear their voice say "Hi" or your name. Hugging them tightly, feeling their heartbeat. Holding their hand and swinging it back and fourth, rubbing thumbs. 

Going on random trips, and talking about things while arriving to the destination. Laying together, wrapping our arms around each other, and just relaxing and listening to everything/nothing around us. Telling each other stories of our life's and childhood. Giving each other advice, and listening to one another's past troubles. Driving off at random times to pick up something to eat, and heading back home or to a random spot, and sit and eat and talk and laugh. Learning new things from one another, and trying out new things together. 

Laughing at each other's silliness, and play fight, then kiss afterwards. Kissing until both of your mouths go numb. Doing cute things together like the couples in the romantic movies. Getting to be sexy, talk sexy, and send sexy photos to them. Sleeping next to each other and feeling one's warmth. Getting those butterfly feelings when you see them after long days/weeks. Knowing you have someone to go to if anything, and if you just need someone there. Seeing the glimpse/shin in their eyes when they stare at you. Feeling your heart beat faster when they hold you/get closer to you. Melting down when they kiss you for longer seconds then normal, and when they kiss your sweet spots. Enjoying each other's company. 

Getting to know you don't feel as alone with them. Having your worries of the day slip away when you see their face. Feeling wanted and loved. Having someone that shares similar things as you. Having someone who gets/understands you like others don't and let's you be you around them. Getting to have moments and memories added into each other's life's. There is more to having someone, but I think you get the hint. 

Just having someone to love besides yourself ... is what I'm missing now. 
I do enjoy and love all of that though. 


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

P / S


Top: Homemade / Shorts: Thrift Store / Flannel: Forever21 / Sunglasses: Target / Shoes: Forever21  / Wallet: Target 

Bright backgrounds and lighting with dull, neutral colors, is a good combination. Finally got to wear the top I made (originally it was a tank top) and I am in awe with it, as well as got to try out my new favorite sunglasses I got at Target, coolness. 

Love and Live / Posi Vibes For Life / Peace and Nature
Hope you all have a wonderful day and night.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Date: July 31, 2014 / PM
(Photos were taken by phone)

Nothing much to say, just it was a very hot, beautiful day to record and take photos. 

Love and Live / Posi Vibes For Life / Peace and Nature
Hope you all have a wonderful day and night.