Sunday, October 19, 2014

P / S

Floral Twopiece 

Top and Bottom (Skirt): Target / Shoes: Dr. Martens (Docs) / Rings: Random 

Check out other post (below). Once again glad I purchased two two-piece matching sets, which I would/am mix-matching for sure. I think the floral pieces is my favorite, just cause together it looks lovely. Yeah, again good purchase for a cheap price. 
Blue Twopiece (click here)

Love and Live / Posi Vibes For Life / Let's hug it out
Hope you all have a wonderful day and night, happy Sunday!

Friday, October 17, 2014

P / S

 Blue Twopiece 

Top and Bottom (Skirt): Target / Sunglasses: Target / Shoes: Dr. Martens (Docs) / Rings: Random 

I have a love for matching pieces, especially tops and shirts/shorts. I am glad I finally got on board and bought myself a pair of matching pieces, because I love it. Usual just having fun since this pair makes me want to just get up and go enjoy life silly. For sure one of my top favorite clothing pieces to wear during Fall season. 

Love and Live / Posi Vibes For Life / Let's hug it out
Hope you all have a wonderful day and night, happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Journal Entry


Journal Entry: September 16, 2014
Tuesday / 11:11PM

My Revenge
I grew up to know that you shouldn't do any harm to others or mean things to others that they've done to you. To never set your revenge into harming them or hurting them. The way I've always had my "revenge" on others was to continue on w/ my life and continue being myself. I learned the best way to get back at someone/people is not stooping to their level nor doing the same thing they've done to you. But to be yourself, keep being yourself, move on w/ your life, keep reaching for your goals and dreams, and keep looking good, doing good and getting better. That's it. With that saying, that is how exactly I've been getting back at others, whom brought me to my ending point, made me feel like shit, and/or who fucked me over/used me. 

I kept being myself, being positive, smiling, laughing, reaching for my goals/dreams, accomplishing things I set for myself, getting more confident and comfortable w/ myself, being confident and comfortable, enjoying life around me, spreading my love to others, not caring/giving a fuck, and just living for myself, the best way I know how.

That's the best revenge, also it's a bonus when you keep getting hotter and looking/feeling good, and you're not afraid to show that off.   


Thursday, September 25, 2014

P / S

Rainy Fall  

Top: T.J Maxx / Overalls: Forever21 / Blazer: Macy's / Shoes: A'Gaci / Sunglasses: Target / Bag: Traffic

First day of Fall (Autumn)! Got a new hair color to fit the new season, straighten my hair, and just feeling nice and excited since Fall is my favorite season (Summer comes in second). Of course living in a tropical state, it is normal the rainy weathers, not a surprise. First day of Fall it drenched. But it is all good, I enjoy the rain and I enjoyed the day/night. Plus I got free coffee later on, so it was a good ass first day of Fall. 

Love and Live / Posi Vibes For Life / Peace and Nature
Hope you all have a wonderful day and night.