Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Journal Entry


Journal Entry: April 13, 2014
Sunday / 4:27PM

What I Analysed From You
You're the type of person that is afraid to make a commitment again w/ someone new. Because you've got broken down several times from someone that you thought you trusted and thought they loved you. So now you're afraid to let someone new close to your heart because you'll think they'll do the same, again. You'll have flashbacks about the rough times, and the heartaches over, and over again, while starring into that other someone's eyes. You can't let go, even if that person is driving you to a new, better home, showing you that they mean no harm, but just love. You're stuck, and don't know how to unstuck yourself, even though there is someone in front of you willing to help you. You're like Drake in a sense that you have trust issues, and is afraid to let their heart roam again ... you're a broken soul, and someone is willing to keep lending their hand, and themselves to you, but you have to choose if you want to hold on or let go. 

Hopefully you choose wisely, and what's right for you (and your heart). 

- xo Marcia Yannill 


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Out and About:

Beach Flow 
Family, relaxing time 

Date: April 05, 2014
Location: Cocoa Beach, FL

Finally got the time to go to the beach, and got to do it with my family. I love being near the ocean, I grew up with the ocean, so it means a lot to me to be able to be next to it and in it. It was such a beautiful, relaxing day. Got some tan on, collected seashells with my little sister, lay back and close my eyes on the sand, walked around and explored a little with local people, listened to some local bands playing, ate a little by the shore, watched surfers surf (which I wish I brought a surfboard, sigh), and watched the sunset while drinking some Coronas. It was a great way to spend a sunny Saturday. 

I just love the beach, I wish I can stay there forever ... Maybe one day I will (planning on it). 

PV4L / Posi Vibes For Life / Love, Peace, Nature
Hope you all have a lovely day and night, happy Sunday!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


March 2014 

(All photos were taken by phone) 

Date: March 03-28, 2014
Location: FL 
(All photos are unedited) ((minus the instagram section))

I will say that March, I toke loads of photos. It was a good month, even with all the obstacles I had facing me. I started up several things I wanted to start up, and that is awesome. Best moment, was going to the beach at night. I will always enjoy random trips to the beach, no matter what. 

All in all, March you were lovely, thanks. 

PV4L / Posi Vibes For Life / Love, Peace, Nature
Hope you all have a lovely day and night.