Wednesday, November 19, 2014

P / S

Velvet on Velvet on Velvet (Vx3)

 Dresses: Thrift Store / Shoes: Forever21 & Target / Sunglasses: Target / Blazer: Macy's / Leather Jacket: Thrift Store 

Fall LookBook with velvet dresses that I redesigned myself. I love velvet clothing, especially dresses. Hope you enjoy my mini lookbook! xoxo 

Love and Live / Posi Vibes For Life / Let's Hug it out
Hope you all have a wonderful day and night.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Date: November 16, 2014 / PM
(Photos taken by phone)

Beautiful sunny day, out and about with the best friend taking photos and enjoying the Farmers Market in Downtown. I felt amazing wearing my red dress that I redesigned, minus the part that my feet ached since I am not costumed to the heels I wore, but I still made it worked and worked it! Such a chill, good vibes day. Oh also, there were so many dogs, I was in heaven. 

Love and Live / Posi Vibes For Life / Let's hug it out
Hope you all have a wonderful day and night, happy Sunday!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Journal Entry


Journal Entry: November 08, 2014 
Saturday / 5:36PM

Towards You (since just speaking w/ you always turns out into an argument)
To me, at this point, I just laugh when someone(s) thinks otherwise about me. As in myself, my life, and what I do with my time and so forth. I just laugh because it is funny that someone(s) would navigate towards so much negativity and think such bad things about someone, whom they do not know nothing about (even if they think they do) (also don't take the time to get to know) and think that they know better and "everything." It's hilarious too, that someone who you would think that would support you and believe you, does none of that and show that they do not. Even to hear it come out of their mouth, it is just ... wow. Like they honestly believe what they think they see/hear, and believe that they are right all the time and, oh and also believe what they see from other young youths life's on magazines and TV and from other's mouths and think that that is you and what you are turning out to be like ... Like hmm you realize that everyone is not the same, and everyone makes their own paths/choices/mistakes, right?? 

Point blank, you can think all you want about me, my life, what I do with my own personal choices in my own life, the path that I personally chose to take for myself, and what ever else that is dealing with me. Because I would say this, you're sad to think these ways about someone else's life and just always think so negative about that person. 

Here's a tip of life: Stop focusing on other's life/life choices/life styles, and start focusing on your own life/life choices/life styles. Also, stop thinking so negative and start thinking positive. 

Why do you care what another person decides to do with them self? Why are you so eager to know what that person is doing on their spare time? Why do you attack that person when they are just trying to tell you something about anything? Why are you mad that that person is not telling/does not want to tell you what they are up to and what is going on with them and wonder why they do that? Why are you angry that that person decided to take their own path and live their own life the way they wanted to? Why are you just negative? You know that is not the way to live, right? Negativity is yucky and you eventually turn yucky yourself. 

I will never understand people that are like that, and I just don't want to. I think I said everything, if I left out a couple of stuff, oh well. I guess you get the hint.

PS: Not sorry that I didn't turn out to be the way you 'planned' and thought I would grow up to be. Also, not sorry that I am not and never lived up to your standards and decided to make my own decisions and mistakes because, yeah, it is ME and MY LIFE not yours. Finally, not sorry one bit that I chose to take my own pathway in my life, and decided to not take your pathway/the pathway you hoped I took. Not sorry one bit and not apologizing. 

As N'SYNC once said in their song: "You may hate me, but it ain't no lie, baby bye bye bye."


Saturday, November 8, 2014


Date: October 28, 2014 / PM
(Photos were taken by phone)

Stroll threw Downtown on a beautiful, windy day with my best friend. Taking photos, chatting, exploring, and jut enjoying the day and night. Good vibes, good times. 

Love and Live / Posi Vibes For Life / Let's hug it out
Hope you all have a wonderful day and night.